Job Duties of the PPA Board

President (Chairperson):

Per the By-Laws of the PPA, the President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the association and Chairman of the Board of Directors. The President shall preside at all meetings of the membership. The President shall have general supervision over the affairs of the association and other officers. The President shall sign all written contracts and perform all duties incident to his office and such duties as may be delegated to him by the Board of Directors. In addition:


·         Provide agenda prior to monthly meetings

·         Responsible for submitting “Pickle Barrel” article to the Plantation Times each month

·         Liaison with H.O.A.

Vice-President (Vice-Chairperson)

Per the By-Laws of the PPA, the Vice-President shall perform such duties as may be required of him by the Board of Directors and, in the absence of the President, those duties incidental to the office of the President. In addition:



Per the By-Laws of the PPA, the Secretary shall issue notices of meetings, shall attend and keep minutes of all meetings, and shall have charge of all the books and records of the association, except those kept by the Treasurer. In the absence of the Secretary, the President shall have the authority to appoint an acting Secretary. In addition:


·         Post notice of monthly meetings on bulletin boards

·         Maintain Bulletin Boards

·         Keep track of terms of Board members

·         Chair annual election

·         Supply printed ballots for annual meeting

·         Secure volunteers to count ballots during annual meeting

·         Post notice of Director nominations 30 days prior to the elections

·         Post Annual Meeting date/time on bulletin boards 10 days prior to meeting and submitted to the Plantation Times “Pickle Barrel” one month prior to meeting


Per the By-Laws of the PPA, the Treasurer shall supervise the custody of the association funds, keeping full and accurate accounts of the association's receipts and disbursements, and depositing of monies to the credit of the association in such depositories as may be designated by the Board. He shall collect and account for all funds to the association and the membership. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President shall act as Treasurer. In addition:


·         Provide an updated membership list on a monthly basis to the directors (or more frequently if needed)

·         Keep an updated membership list posted on all bulletin boards

Social Chair

·         Responsible for procuring dates from Activity Center for upcoming year for Socials/Events

·         Post upcoming Social dates on bulletin boards and submit to website liaison for posting on website

·         Provide food and beverage at Socials (cost/menu discussed with Board during Planning phase)

·         Oversee  kitchen staff

·         Oversee Setup/breakdown  table/chairs as required

Tournament Chair

·         Reserve courts

·         Liaise with Sponsors

·         Setup schedule and volunteers for sign-up

·         Work with Treasurer/DBA to obtain a paid member list if applicable

·         Post dates on bulletin boards and submit to website liaison for posting on website

·         Once sign-up closes, submit sign-up sheets to DBA to pull position numbers for players

·         When report is returned from DBA, put together a roster

·         Recruit Score Keepers

·         Recruit volunteers for setup/breakdown of tables/chairs on day of tournament

·         Monitor event

·         Collect all final score sheets

·         Work with Social Chair if a social is associated with a Tournament

·         Provide certificates or some other form of recognition to winners. (To be decided during Planning phase)

Documentation Chair/DBA

·         Setup leagues

·         Keep stats

·         Keep database of members’ names, phone #s, email addresses

·         Keep Worksheet up-to-date

·         Provide position numbers to Tournament Chair as needed

·         Provide reports on an ad hoc basis

·         Provide sign-up sheets as needed

·         Keep all signed waivers

·         Keep Court Schedule updated and current one posted on website

·         Submit current Court Schedule to Activity Center as needed

·         Create certificates for each division winner at the end of Spring/Winter Leagues

·         Have them printed at Office Max (or similar place)

·         At end of Spring/Winter League have the winners’ names engraved on the plates at Hermitage Hall

Court Management Chair

·         Responsible for ordering pickleballs and keeping the courts stocked

·         Take note of any repair needed at courts and notify HOA to resolve

·         Inspect First Aid kits periodically and report to HOA if items need to be replenished/replaced

Website Liaison

·         Provide updates to the webmaster including keeping Home page fresh, calendar current, posting details of events, listing of court schedule and league schedule

Senior Manager

·         Recruit managers

·         Train managers

·         Sub for managers that are unavailable

·         Settle all disputes between managers and players when possible; otherwise, defer to the Board

·         Liaise between players/managers/Board


Additional Duties


·         Attend kickoff meeting

·         Work with Activity Center to obtain final list of players who have signed up

·         Recruit volunteers to put together rosters for Men Round Robin, Women Round Robin, and Team Pickleball.

·         Submit sign-up sheets to DBA to pull position numbers for players.

·         Rank all players who do not have a position number

·         Put together a roster of players

·         Contact all players once rosters are established

·         Recruit volunteers for scorekeeping

·         Recruit volunteers for setting up tables/chairs on day of tournament

·         Collect all final score sheets

·         Submit  gold, silver and bronze winners to the Activity Center

Beginner Lessons

·         Post dates of lessons on bulletin boards and website

·         Provide lessons

·         Recruit other instructors as needed

Member Notification

·         Responsible to send emails to membership as needed


·         Take photos of all tournaments, Olympics, and social events for posting on the PPA website.