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1) League Organization / Schedule
2) Manager Responsibilities
3) Player Responsibilities
4) Interruption of Play
5) Player Ranking
6) Players Missing a Season(s) / Snow Birds
7) Statistics:
8) Substitutes
9) Winning A Division
10) Promotions
11) Mitigating Circumstances
12) Non-League Players
13) League Make-Up Play:
14) Rule Violations
15) By-Laws

League Organization / Schedule
  • League(s) will be organized and scheduled by the Board Documentation Member (DOC) and other members of the Plantation Pickleball Association Committee (Board).
  • There will be two ranking league seasons: Winter and Spring. Based on member interest, there will be a non-ranking summer league.
  • The ranking leagues will consist of divisions of approximately13 players each. Each week, up to eight (8) players are assigned courts based on their rank determined by the previous weeks of play. Round 1: ranked players 1-3-5-7 play together and ranked players 2-4-6-8 play together and rotate partners for 3 games. Round 2: The top 2 point scorers from both courts (based on Round 1 results) now play 3 rotating games together. The 2 lowest point scorers from both courts (based on Round 1 results) now play 3 rotating games together. Refer to score sheet.
  • If less than 8 players/subs are available, a four or six player rotation and play may be use. Players will play 6 games each week over a 13 week season plus make up week(s), if necessary, due to weather, holidays or unusual events.
  • Leagues will have the following division designations: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, (etc).

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Manager Responsibilities

  • Take charge and be responsible for league play.
  • Knowledgeable of all the rules governing pickleball.
  • Knowledgeable of player rotation.
  • Available for all scheduled league games or will arrange for a qualified substitute when not available. (Only another manager or past manager may substitute in a manager’s absence.)
  • Keep accurate player statistics and attendance.  Upon completion it will be electronically submitted to the documentation chair or designee.
  • Provide player statistics as soon as possible but not later than five days after weekly league play.
  • League managers have the right to correct player calls and make "out" or "foot fault" calls.
  • Managers can reschedule play within the same week when play cannot commence.
  • Managers have the right to halt/postpone play due to safety and weather related playing conditions.  NO league play will be allowed when the wind chill temperature is 32 degrees or less. This temperature restriction is in place regardless of players still willing to play.
  • Managers should encourage players to sign up for future leagues tournaments, and social functions.

Player Responsibilities

  • Sign up by deadline for each season they wish to play in otherwise they will be placed on a sub list
  • Commit to play 48 of the available games during a scheduled Winter or Spring league season
  • Because it is difficult to find replacements at the last minute a player must notify their manager as soon as possible when unable to play
  • Conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner


Interruption of Play

  • If play is halted and cannot resume within 15 minutes, scores for all games played that day will not be counted.
  • Exception – If the manager can reschedule the same players to complete the remaining game(s) prior to league play the following week.

Player Ranking

  • After league sign up is complete for the upcoming season and the final league statistics for the current season are available, players with the minimum 36 games or more will be ranked according to where they finished in their division.  Players with less than 36 games will revert to their previous league ranking provided they meet the criteria described in paragraph 6. New and unranked players who signed up for the current season will be submitted to the Placement Committee for proper division assignment.
  • For the just completed league season, ranking will be based according to a player’s finish in his division.
  • In the event of a ranking tie, the tie will be broken first by the higher total number of games played. If everything is statistically even then the final tie-breaker will be decided by the players’ starting rank for that league.
6) Players Missing a Season(s) / Snow Birds
  • To maintain a rank, each player must play a minimum of 36 games in either the Spring or Winter league within a one year period. A player will need to be re-ranked when two consecutive ranking leagues are missed. Unranked players will be submitted to the Placement Committee for proper assignment in a division at such time when they sign up again for league play.

  • Will be based on player's cumulative total points attained during 6 games each week, divided by the total possible points (66) times the number of weeks played to 2 decimal points.   Game ends when the first team attains 11 points.

  • Substitute players can play up or down one division level.

    • A substitute can be called upon to play only if a regular (same division) player is unavailable for league play.
    • Statistics will be kept on all substitute players.
    • If a player substitutes within his division, only then will the statistics be used for ranking purposes.
    • Managers should rotate substitute players as they are needed.

Winning A Division
  • In order to win the division, a player must play a minimum of 8 weeks during the Winter or Spring league seasons and 66% of available games during the Summer league season and have the highest average. Winners of the Winter or Spring league seasons will get their name on the Pickleball League Plaque displayed at Hermitage Hall.

  • At the end of league, the winner in each division with the highest win average will be promoted to the next higher division at the start of the next ranking season.
  • If a winner of a division misses the next ranking season, he will be promoted to the next higher division in the following ranking season that he missed. (The promotion will be lost if not completed as described herein.)

Mitigating Circumstances
  • Managers and/or the Senior Manager will be able to present mitigating circumstances on behalf of a player to the Board to waive the requirements to win their division and/or to be promoted to the next higher division. 
  • After 3 weeks of League play, the Manager with the concurrence of the Sr. Manager can provide information to the Board to adjust a player’s division placement.  The Board will decide if the mitigating circumstances presented are sufficient to make any changes.

Non-League Players
  • Ranking non-league players that sign up for tournaments or Olympics is required. The Placement Committee will determine assignments for these players.

League Make-Up Play
  • All make-up games must be played within the scheduled time period of that League. No make-up games will be scheduled after the end of the last week of the season of league play unless first approved by the documentation cha

Rule Violations
  • The Board has the right to replace any manager that intentionally violates any of the listed rules.


Revised: 09-11-15 and 10-06-15
By: Plantation Pickleball Association Board of Officer